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Three day Training workshop with Employees of NTPC

Mr. Navin Kumar, Manager Training &Consultancy conducted a 2 day accountability training at NTPC titled Moving from Responsibility to Personal Accountability on 17th & 18th July, 2014. Six out of thirteen trainees had more than 20 years of work experience and all the trainees worked in different departments of NTPC. The training was done to make the trainees realize the difference between responsibility and accountability which sometimes creates a wrong perception in the minds of employees. Accountability is not about being held accountable. Its about the individual holding himself/herself accountable. During the workshop the trainees held debates on personal workplace goals and its importance in personal accountability, explored the various dimensions of accountability, brainstormed different ways and means to enhance personal accountability along with the values and objectives of NTPC. The training was applauded for clearing a lot of common misconceptions with regard to the topic.

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