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Celebration of Swachhata Pakhwada -2022 @SMS Varanasi

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organised Swachhata Pakhwada -2022 on 12thSeptember, 2022 under the campaign – “Say No To Plastic”. The commencement of this sessionwas done by Prof. Kamal Sheel Mishra Sir who enlightened the students with the ill-effects ofuse of plastic bags and other such materials which pose danger to the environment. The sessionwas further taken over by Mr. Anand Prakash Dubey Sir who narrated the students about the dos and don’ts with respect to use of plastic material bags and what can be done to avoid the ill-effects such plastic wastes. Further Mrs. Anju Singh Ma’am told the students about the civic sense and immense use of plastic material bags by all of us and different ways of reducing andavoiding the use of such plastic material by all of us. Mr. Suraj Prakash Singh Sir ended thesession by enumerating the students with the impact of use of plastic material bags on futuregeneration and therefore asked the students to take the pledge to reduce the use of plastic andplastic material bags significantly so that it brings about the requisite change in the environmentand the society. Dr. Vishal Singh Sir and Dr. Shivendra Pathak Sir were also present during thisinteractive session.

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