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Celebrating World Environment Day with NSS Unit of SMS Varanasi

Celebrating World Environment Day with NSS Unit of SMS Varanasi We are thrilled to share that the NSS unit of SMS Varanasi organized an awareness workshop on "Sustainable Practices and Mission Life" on the occasion of "World Environment Day" today. The session aimed to raise awareness about environmental protection and emphasize the importance of taking collective actions to safeguard our planet.

The event commenced with the insightful words of Prof. Kamalsheel Mishra, who highlighted the significance of environment protection in todays world. Prof. Mishra emphasized that preserving the environment is crucial for sustainable development and the well-being of present and future generations.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Purnendu Kumar Patra, Assistant Professor, shed light on the pressing needs and necessities related to the environment. He emphasized the importance of sustainable practices, waste management, and the conservation of natural resources. Mr. Patra encouraged the volunteers of NSS to actively participate in environmental initiatives and become ambassadors of positive change.

Dr. Shishir Kumar Gujrati, Programme Officer of NSS Unit of SMS Varanasi, appealed to the volunteers to delve into the nuances of the environment. He stressed the importance of understanding the intricate connections between humans, nature, and the ecosystem. Dr. Gujrati encouraged the volunteers to broaden their knowledge and engage in activities that contribute to the preservation of the environment. He also motivated them to take up the responsibility of planting at least one tree every year and nurturing it, thereby fostering a greener and healthier future.On this occasion Mr. Anand Prakash Dube, Assistant Professor and Mr Suraj Prakash Singh, Assistant Professor were also present.The session was skillfully conducted by Dr. Shikha Aggarwal. Dr. Shishir Kumar Gujrati expressed his gratitude to all the participants and dignitaries and highlighted the significance of collective efforts in tackling environmental challenges.

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