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Techno Camp 2023 @ SMS Varanasi

From October 17th, 2023, the SMS Varanasi campus is abuzz with the Techno Camp, offering two exciting certificate programs: "Unfolding the Web Development Secrets" and "Programming beyond Syntax." Participants from diverse courses including BCA, MCA, and MBA have eagerly joined in.

Leading the way is our esteemed resource person, Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor from the Department of Computer Sciences at SMS Varanasi.

Certificate Program 1: Unfolding the Web Development SecretsThis program stands out by not just focusing on web technology, but also delving into allied disciplines crucial for a comprehensive understanding of web applications. From web architecture management to search engine optimization and hacking prevention techniques, it is an all-encompassing journey.

Certificate Program 2: Programming beyond SyntaxIn an age where logic reigns supreme, this program takes a unique approach. Instead of merely emphasizing programming languages, it hones in on the art of logic building. A perfect launchpad for beginners eager to master the essence of programming.

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