77th Independence Day @SMS Varanasi

77th Independence Day @SMS Varanasi

Celebrating 77 Glorious Years of Independence Today, SMS Varanasi radiates with pride as we mark the 77th Independence Day with a fervor that is unmatched Under the benevolent guidance of our esteemed Director, Prof. P. N. Jha, the tricolor flutters high, reminding us of our commitment to education and nation-building.

Prof. Jha words resonated deeply as he illuminated the global stage of education. India contribution, though significant, stands at 18%, while other nations like the U.K., America, and France shine at over 50%. It time we soar higher, setting new standards of excellence and innovation in education.

Let s unite and embrace our responsibility as torchbearers of change. Each step we take in the pursuit of knowledge elevates not only ourselves but also our beloved motherland. Let  make the tricolor proud by enriching the world with our insights, ideas, and ingenuity.

Our students and faculties, on this remarkable day, exude a spirit that echoes throughout our campus. Their enthusiasm and patriotism inspire us all to march forward with unwavering determination, for a brighter India and a world enriched by our contributions Join hands, ignite minds, and let  rewrite history together  Happy 77th Independence Day.

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