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Workshop on "Company Secretaryship: A Skill-Based Career Development Avenue".

The Department of Commerce, SMS Varanasi took a significant step towards shaping skilled professionals by organizing a workshop on "Company Secretaryship: A Skill-Based Career Development Avenue".

Mr. Ashish Kumar Tiwari, the In-Charge of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Varanasi Chapter, brought a wealth of knowledge and insight into the field.

CS Bhartee Srivastava, a seasoned Company Secretary, shared invaluable experiences and perspectives, shedding light on the dynamic world of company secretarial practice.Both resource persons illuminated the path for aspiring company secretaries, emphasizing the critical role they play in corporate governance and compliance. Their expertise was a beacon of inspiration for all present.

A heartfelt felicitation was extended to Mr. Tiwari by Mr. Veeresh Tripathi, Assistant Professor and to CS Bhartee Srivastava by Dr. Anjana Singh, Assistant Professor. The session was skillfully moderated by Assistant Professor Dr. Khushboo Kumari. Their contributions to the event were invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Prof. Rajkumar Singh, the Head of the Department of Commerce, delivered a warm welcome address, setting the tone for an enriching session ahead. His insights provided a strong foundation for the discussions that followed.

In a gracious gesture of gratitude, Mr. Vir Pratap, the Coordinator of the B.Com (Hons) Program, extended a sincere vote of thanks, expressing appreciation for all involved.The workshop proved to be an empowering platform for students, offering them a deeper understanding of the dynamic career opportunities that lie in the realm of company secretarial practice.

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