7th International Yoga Day: “Yoga for Well Being” at SMS Varanasi campus.

7th International Yoga Day was celebrated in the School of Management Sciences, Varanasi from 10:30 am onwards. This Yoga session was conducted by Dr. Amit Kishore Sinha, Associate Professor, School of Management Sciences, and Member, Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment guided the participants to practice yoga in order to rejuvenate both mind and body. The session was attended by all the faculty and staff members along with students of the Institute who were participating in an online mode. Dr. Sinha provided awareness of different poses such as standing, inverted, twisting, reclining, and balancing poses.

Participants practiced different exercises and asana such as TRIKON?SANA (The Triangle Posture), ARDHA CAKR?SANA (The Half Wheel Posture), P?DA-HAST?SANA (The Hands to Feet Posture), T???SANA (Palm Tree Posture), VAJR?SANA (Thunderbolt Posture), VAKR?SANA (The Spinal Twist Posture), BHUJA?G?SANA (The Cobra Posture), UTT?NA P?D?SANA (Raised feet posture),  etc.

The session was marked by Dr. Amit Kishore Sinha, highlighting the importance and need of yoga in our daily life and especially in these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic. He stressed the fact that though imbibing yoga into ones daily routine could greatly enhance physical immunity. Yoga also plays a very important part in post-Covid-19 recovery as it greatly reduces the recovery period. The program was coordinated by Mrs. Anju Singh Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi.