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SMS Varanasi Eighth Annual Alumni Meet of the Mumbai Chapter (Jan 2024)

Alumni Meet Mumbai 2024

SMS Varanasi Eighth Annual Alumni Meet of the Mumbai Chapter, held on February 10, 2024, was a nostalgic journey that enveloped the Ruby Hall of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mumbai. Over 30 esteemed alumni, representing various courses and graduating batches of SMS Varanasi, graced the occasion, rekindling old bonds and creating new connections.

The event aimed to foster camaraderie, networking, and joyous engagement through a range of activities, reflecting the spirit of our vibrant alumni community. Witnessing our alumnis remarkable achievements across diverse fields fills us with immense pride and inspiration.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Rohit Mehta, the Coordinator of SMS Alumni Association, setting the tone for an evening of reminiscence and camaraderie. Assisting him were Mr. Shambhu Sharan Srivastava, Associate Professor, and Mrs. Bhawna Dixit, DGM Training & Placements, who ensured the events seamless coordination.

The agenda unfolded with updates on recent developments at SMS Varanasi, presented by Mr. Rohit Mehta, followed by heartfelt expressions of gratitude from alumni towards their alma mater. As per the scheduled program, alumni members shared their professional journeys and valuable insights, emphasizing the need for a curriculum that goes beyond technical skills. They advocated for the inclusion of courses focusing on emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and other vital soft skills essential for success in todays corporate landscape.

The open discussion session saw enthusiastic participation from alumni members, who shared valuable insights on how they can contribute to the institutions continued growth and success. Ideas and suggestions flowed freely, reflecting the strong bond between alumni and their alma mater. A group photo captured the essence of the day, preserving memories of camaraderie and shared experiences.

As the evening came to an end, heartfelt farewells were exchanged, with alumni vowing to reunite again in the near future. Departing with renewed energy and cherished memories, they left, carrying with them the warmth of friendship and the spirit of their alma mater.

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